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PhD position on Knowledge Bases in Paris

Изображение пользователя Роман Станиславович Самарев
PhD position on Knowledge Bases in Paris
от Роман Станиславович Самарев - Четверг, 4 Июль 2019, 21:52

We are inviting applications for a PhD position in the DIG Team in the Computer Science Department of the Télécom Paris University near Paris to work with Fabian Suchanek and Gaël Varoquaux of INRIA Saclay on knowledge bases. The offered position is a full-time PhD position for 3 years (around 1400 EUR net per month). It is not bound to an industry grant: There are no deliverables to write, and no software to deliver. The candidate will be able to devote their entire time to research. It is possible to do teaching, though, if the candidate so desires.

The topic of the position should somehow revolve around knowledge bases. Some of the possible directions are:

  • optimizing rule mining
  • automatically mining a schema for KBs
  • making a KB self-learning
  • numerical rule mining
  • detecting (in)completeness of KBs
  • automated reasoning
  • information extraction
  • schema alignment
  • knowledge base alignment
  • data integration of heterogenous data
See here for previous research work.

We expect many candidates (we had 70 last time), so please apply as stated here. Please upload

  1. your CV named firstname-lastname-CV.pdf. Make sure it contains your email address.
  2. your motivation letter named firstname-lastname-motivation.pdf.
  3. your transcript of records, named firstname-lastname-transcript.pdf.
at this address. This is a first test of your computer science skills ;-) There is no fixed deadline, we will continue accepting applications until a suitable candidate has been found. You will receive an acknowledgment of your application by email within a week's time.

Please find the details here: https://suchanek.name/work/research/hiring-2019/index.html