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PhD position at TU Wien, Vienna, Austria

Изображение пользователя Роман Станиславович Самарев
PhD position at TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
от Роман Станиславович Самарев - Понедельник, 2 Сентябрь 2019, 21:34
At the Institute of Information Systems Engineering, TU Wien, Austria, we are looking for a PhD candidate with background in Computer Science and interest in NLP. The main research subject is on Semi-automatic labeling of argumentative zones in scientific articles using reinforcement learning.

University: TU Wien (Technische Universit??t Wien, Austria)
Location: Vienna, Austria
Position: PhD student

The PhD research focuses on (but is not limited to):
- establishing the scientific summarisation components using Argumentative Zoning (AZ)
- creating an enlarged test collection for AZ, using small existing test collection
- increasing the test collection to include different scientific fields, by deploying deep learning methods
- designing a series of annotation tasks as e-Learning events for students who will label the argumentative zones and compare argumentative zones between related scientific articles
- investigating reinforcement learning methods for algorithms in argumentative zoning

- Computer Science  MSc.
- Master of Arts is admissible only with with Language Technology or Computational Linguistics as the main field of study
- NLP basic knowledge or more
- Annotation experience / Corpus design
- Good to know: Distributional Semantics
- Good communication and presentation skills in English

Funding for the PhD research is secured through a currently running research project: "Artificial Research in Science: Efficient Scientific Publication Mining" (AR-Science). In this project we aim to develop a novel and innovative platform, which automatically handles scientific information needs and presents the information to the users according to their requests. For the next few years, together with TU Wien Bibliothek and Artificial Researcher IT GmbH, we will develop a prototype, which provides the end-users with a unified platform that supports their complete literature research activity. AR-Science will reduce users effort in terms of time spent on searching and reviewing articles.

Applications (CV and short cover letter) should be sent by September 20 2019, to florina.piroi@tuwien.ac.at